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1029nm Nanosecond Laser - 100uJ - 35 kHz

1029 nm nanosecond laser module is a turnkey laser featuring high pulse energy and a pulse duration of less than 2 nanoseconds. High pulse energy and...

514.5 nm Nanosecond SLM Laser - 100 mW - 3.5 ns - 3 μJ

514.5 nm nanosecond SLM laser is a substitute for Argon lasers in many applications, including sorting, illumination, and pump-probe spectroscopy......

CW miniature package Laser MatchBox

Designed for Integrators, Adored by Scientists ! MatchBox laser modules are widely configurable and deliver high-end performance in a miniature.....

VIDEO: Absorbance Spectroscopy Made Simple

In this video, we demonstrate the ease and convenience of cuvette-based absorbance spectroscopy measurements using Ocean Optics spectrometers,.....

Application note - Temperature Dependence on Phosphors

Phosphors used in discharge lamps and light emitting diodes, displays and scintillators are commonly characterised via photoluminescence.....

Video - Inside the Optical Bench of the Spectrometer

Ever Wonder What Goes on Inside a Spectrometer?   It’s a good question, and the complete answer can escape even the most seasoned.....