New Products


Linear shutter - ultrasonic piezo motor

Linear shutter with less than 100 ms switching time enabled by Xeryon ultrasonic piezo motor technology. Ideal for applications requiring rapid s..

Xeryon piezo stages controllers - closed loop control

Xeryon have made it easy for you: all of controllers work with all of Xeryon stages. So you choose the flavour that suits you the most.   - The X..

Compact & light piezomicro actuator - Xeryon

The Xeryon ultrasonic piezo actuator is a precise and very fast micro actuator driven by a noiseless ultrasonic piezo motor. This allows fast position..

XY-stages and multi-axis piezo stages setups - Xeryon

Xeryon stages can be combined into different configurations such as XY, XTheta or XYTheta.   The matching mounting hole patterns of our different..

Compact and precise piezo linear stages - Xeryon

Xeryon offers a range of precision linear stages in different lengths and with many additional options.   With travel ranges up to 120 mm, the nu..

Compact and precise piezo rotation stages - Xeryon

The XRT-U is a compact and precise rotation stage driven by an ultrasonic piezo motor.   Xeryon’s ultrasonic piezo motor ensures you high s..