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STACIS Quiet Island - Active isolation system

Semiconductor manufacturing factories (fabs), Nanotechnology Centers, Nanofabs, and other precision manufacturing and research facilities often incorp..

Application note:The Quiet Island Concept - Active antivibra

Why freeze the house if all you want is a cold beer?   What are the advantages of using Quiet Islands in place of designing a ‘Quiet’..

STACIS Compact Quiet Island - Active Vibration Cancellation

Similar to the standard STACIS Quiet Island, this Compact version provides excellent sub-Hertz active floor vibration cancellation for large instrumen..

Two-photon fluorescence microscopy

The Chromacity 1040 provides the perfect balance of peak-power, pulse duration and average power for generating images of biological samples through a..

Nonlinear Mid-Infrared Generation

The high average power and high peak power of the Chromacity Spark 1040 can be used to generate mid-infrared light from 1.4 – 4 μm by pumping..