New Products


Vasco Kin Particle Size Analyzer

The VASCO KIN™ is a new generation of Time-Resolved instrument for accurate kinetic analyses combined with an in situ and contactless remote opt..

SIGNALOC - A Research Grade Lock-in Amplifier

Designed for use in Hinds’ Exicor Systems the Signaloc is now availaible for anyone who can use a dual-phase, analog, single frequency lock-in a..

Birefringence Measurement Systems

Hinds Instruments Birefringence Measurement technology has been adopted by industry leaders world wide to measure birefringence and characterize stres..

Photoelastic modulators - (PEMs)

Pure and Efficient polarization modulation   Hinds Instruments is the world's leading developer of technologies based on the principles of po..

Water Cooled Vertical Stacks Laser Diodes

FocusEngine series are vertical stacks, stack arrays, and horizontal arrays based on single bar diode laser. Specialized for solid state laser pumping..

Open Package Diode Lasers

FocusDevice products are a variety of conduction cooled high power diode lasers, of which single emitter and single bar/minibar product are industrial..