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LED Light Sources LSM serie

LED light sources are ideal for fluorescence excitation and other measurements requiring narrowband illumination. The innovative optical design of the..

Active Antivibration Cleanbench

The CleanBench Aktiv™ lab table is TMC's latest breakthrough in advanced floor vibration control.   Designed to isolate ultra-precision..

VIDEO: SERS for Food Analysis

Food integrity is a global concern with food fraud impacting the wallets of customers everywhere. The combination of Ocean Optics SERS substrates with..

Detecting Food Adulterants using MIR Spectroscopy

Fast, Accurate Analysis of Liquid Samples With the counterfeiting of goods from foods to fuels now a global problem, the task of authenticating materi..

Motorized XY microscope stages - ASR Serie

Zaber's ASR series microscope stages combined with the X-MCB2 series two-axis controllers are designed as replacements for manual stages on u..

Microscope Translating Platform

LSM Manual XY Translating Platform, with manual or motorized drives, are avail­able for most upright and inverted microscopes. They allow you to m..