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Absorbance Repeatability with the SQUARE ONE Cuvette Holder

How to Ensure Reliable Absorbance Results   Cuvette-based absorbance measurements are only as good as the system used for the measurements. Base..

GPS 10 MHz Frequency Reference - Disciplined Oscillator

FS752 — GNSS Time and Frequency Reference   Overview The FS752 GNSS Disciplined Time and Frequency Reference provides calibrated time and..

Solar Induced Fluorescence to Monitor Ecosystems

In this video, we learn how researchers at the University of Virginia use optical sensing techniques including solar induced fluorescence to explore t..

Application Note: Determining Fruit Ripeness

Monitoring Fruit Ripeness with Near Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Written by Miriam Mowat, Applications Scientist Consumers demand high l..

PEM Technical Overview

Principles of Operation The phenomenon of photoelasticity is the basis for operation of the PEM. If a sample of transparent solid material is stresse..