New Products


Custom Project example: Non-magnetic multi-axis piezo stages

Custom non-magnetic multi-axis piezo stage consisting of a linear stage with a lift force of 3 N and our XRT-A piezo rotary stage.   We provides ..

Motorized inverted microscope - MVR series

Zaber’s MVR microscopes are motorized, inverted microscopes designed to lower the barriers to automated microscopy. Combining Zaber precision mo..

Application note - What is Raman Spectroscopy ?

Raman spectroscopy is an analytical technique where scattered light is used to measure the vibrational energy modes of a sample. It is named after the..

Raman microscope for analytical and research purposes

The RM5 is a compact and fully automated Raman microscope for analytical and research purposes. The truly confocal design of the RM5 is unique to the ..

Organic Crystal - Terahertz Emitter - BNA, DAST, DSTMS & OH1

Organic crystals are attractive for various applications & particularly for THz photonics.   Operate at Ti:Sa, OPA, OPCPA and 1μm laser. U..

Microbolometer - Uncooled real-time THz imager

  Specifications of the RIGI cameras series: • Detector: Uncooled FPA microbolometer array • Pitch: Varies starting from 15μm •..