New Products


Two-photon fluorescence microscopy

The Chromacity 1040 provides the perfect balance of peak-power, pulse duration and average power for generating images of biological samples through a..

Nonlinear Mid-Infrared Generation

The high average power and high peak power of the Chromacity Spark 1040 can be used to generate mid-infrared light from 1.4 – 4 μm by pumping..

Large area laser protection - laservision

Laser safety barriers and cabinets   laservision has developed a complete line of large area laser protection systems with well selected accessor..

Mineral glass and plastic laser safety windows - laservision

Mineral glass and plastic laser safety windows are one of the three key product ranges of the laservision portfolio of laser safety products. Main app..

Laser safety eyewear - laservision

The general term “laser light” characterizes the electromagnetic spectrum between 150nm and 1mm. More precisely it covers the whole range ..

Identifying Textiles with Extended-range NIR Spectroscopy

NIR spectroscopy offers a simple tool to identify different types of textiles, with distinct spectral features observed at wavelengths >1700 nm. Th..