New Products


Desktop Diode Laser Series - LaserNest

Omicron's "LaserNest” systems are a combination of the well-established LuxX+ diode lasers and a desktop-style housing. This combinatio..

Keeping Whisky Safe with Raman Spectroscopy

As Burns Night approached and the people of Scotland were eagerly awaiting their wee dram of whisky, the Applications team wondered what a dram would ..

XLA Miniature Linear Actuator Piezo

open-loop and closed-loop versions The Xeryon ultrasonic mini linear actuator is a precise and very fast micro actuator driven by our Crossfixx noisel..

Optical Parametric Oscillator Mid IR tunable source

Preliminary - OPO source based on Orientation Patterned Ga As   Specifications:   - Tuning ranges: 7.5 - 13µm and 3 - 5..

Titanium eye caps for laser treatments - patient protection

The titanium patient eyewear P11 of the Premium Line has a fixed connected but flexible nose bridge. The eye caps are the same for all models and have..

Femtosecond Yb Oscillators - Flint - Light Conversion Laser

The FLINT oscillator is based on Yb crystal pumped by a high brightness laser diode module. Generation of femtosecond pulses is provided by Kerr lens ..