Omicron Laserage: Application notes and publications

Interested in how Omicron Laserage instruments successfully contribute to scientific research? 

Please find below a choice of scientific articles and applications notes

Omicron laserage - luxXA



Quick and Reproducible Silanization Method by UsingPlasma Activation for Hydrophobicity-Based Kinesin Single Molecule Fluorescence–Microscopy Assays 

Experimental validation of workpiece deformation simulations by means of rigorous boundary condition analysis

Photo-induced Morphological Changes of Lipid Bilayer Vesicles Enabled by a Visible-LightResponsive Azo Compound

ast 3D imaging of giant unilamellar vesicles using reflectedlight-sheet microscopy with single molecule sensitivity

Foudroyant cerebral venous (sinus) thrombosis triggered through CLEC-2 and GPIIb/IIIa dependent platelet activation 

Optogenetic stimulation of ventral tegmental area dopaminergic neurons in a female rodent model of depression: The effect of different stimulation patterns

Optofluidic flow meter for sub-nanoliter per minute flow measurements


laserage - PhoxX lasers


In toto light sheet fuorescence microscopy live imaging datasets of Ceratitis capitata embryonic development

Intracellular dynamics of the Sigma-1 receptor observed with super-resolution imaging microscopy

Improved Protoporphyrin IX-Guided Neurosurgical Tumor Detection with Frequency-Domain Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

Hidden surface photovoltages revealed by pump probe KPFM


Laser Omicron - HUB

Light Engines


Thermal conditions for the formation of self‑assembled cluster of droplets over the water surface and diversity of levitating droplet clusters

Incorporation of Low Concentrations of Gold Nanoparticles: Complex Effects on Radiation Response and Fate of Cancer Cells

Highly Selective High-Speed Circularly Polarized Photodiodes Based on π-Conjugated Polymers

Functional, metabolic and transcriptional maturation of human pancreatic islets derived from stem cells

Transcription factor mesenchyme homeobox protein 2 (MEOX2) modulates nociceptor function
Maturation and circuit integration of transplanted human cortical organoids
Intracellular dynamics of the Sigma-1 receptor observed with super-resolution imaging microscopy