News: 20% Off Spectrometer Systems for Educators and Lab Professionals

Article Date(s):05/13/2019 - 05/13/2019


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Purchase an Ocean Optics FLAME-CHEM spectrometer system from now until June 30, 2019 to earn a 20% discount off standard retail pricing. This special offer includes FREE OceanView spectroscopy software and shipping.

FLAME-CHEM Systems are perfect for folks who need a compact spectroscopy setup for the lab or classroom and appreciate the flexibility of modular spectroscopy.

Each FLAME-CHEM system comprises a Flame model spectrometer, a direct-attach light source and a cuvette holder – all in a single package. UV-Vis (200-850 nm) and Vis-NIR (350-1000 nm) models are available.

Please contact our engineers for details.