PERF10 - HiFi Audio 10 Mhz Rubidium Atomic Clock

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Compatible with Antelope™ and dCS™ equipment - Perfection is a high standard — but your studio clocks deserve nothing less. That’s why we designed the PERF10, to offer audio professionals and demanding audiophiles a frequency reference of staggering accuracy and unmatched stability.

Up until now, atomic clocks marketed for audio use have been designed around commercial off-the-shelf rubidium clocks designed for the communications market — not audio. And while these rubidium clocks may have good long-term stability, they were never designed to provide low shortterm jitter.

The PERF10 is built around Stanford Research Systems’ PRS10 rubidium oscillator. By designing and building the oscillators SRS are able to craft an instrument perfectly matched to the demanding requirements of audio master clocks. Starting with an oven stabilized, 3rd overtone, varactor tuned, SC-cut crystal oscillator, the PERF10 offers both the accuracy and stability associated with rubidium clocks and unmatched jitter performance.

  • Atomic stability and accuracy
  • Eight 10 MHz, 75 Ω outputs
  • ±0.05 ppb accuracy
  • 10 year aging less than 5 ppb
  • Ultra-low phase noise (<−150 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz)
  • Optional 12 VDC redundant power input with automatic switchover

PERF10 - 10 MHz rubidium audio
(Datasheet - 0.5 Meg)

  • Manufactured by: SRS Stanford Research Systems

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